(Translated from Danish)


It's not every day a dream becomes a reality, but it did happen for me. I got bit by a "WILDCAT", and it became a insatiable idea. A dreamcar I couldn?t be without. For a long time I?ve studied American cars, there is something speciel about their quality. I had a lot of choices, but I came back to "Buick" cars every time, because they looked classic and right sporty. Nice in the design with a high accessory level.

My choice, get a big "Buick Wildcat 67", so there didn't have to be anything missing. My choice was made, but what then??. Who should find the car and it also had to get financed. Then the time went past, not days but years.

In 1999 it looked a lot better. The money wasn't a problem anymore to get the car. Now I only needed a car importer from USA. The choice, after some check-up had to be a firm that could handle a hard problem, because my dreamcar wasn't to be found on every corner. My firm choice was DREAM MACHINES in Varde, because the importer is an american with good qualifications to work in the USA.

October 9th 1999 I contacted DREAM MACHINES and explained what I wanted. A "Buick Wildcat" 1967, 2 door hardtop or convertible, to see if I really could get him to sweat!? Oh no !, the day after he contacted me, then he asked if a convertible would be good enough or what, because he had found one. Thank fate, it was the best thing that could happen. I had to get that one, no doubt, because it's complete and very original. A good "project", whereafter we quickly made a contract, because he already was ready to go to the USA, and now I could get my car within the next shippment. Great?? Waiting time there has been enough of.

The car was in Kentucky and had to go to California. A distance that is like ¾ of the USA's latitude. A long trip for an old car that has been sitting most of the time. Few and small defects there would be. So a testdriven car I would also get. It was shipped from California to Århus. Would it get any damage ??? No, the car was tied and nailed down.

Then the big day arrived. The car arrived to Århus. The day after December 10th 1999 we could unload the cars. Before that I only had pictures and the salesmans statement about the car. Now I was excited to see what would come out of the container. There was enough to look for. The car wasn ot on it's own in the container, but it was in sight. A real dreamcar for me. There was only one thing to do, it had to get out of the container for my first testdrive in the harbour. It started fine, when "the juice" (gas) got up. After that "the Wildcat" ,on it's own, found it's way out of the "case". There it was "DADDYS DREAMCAR".

After a testdrive and looking the car over to see if it was like I expected, I could say okay compared to the salescontract, when the car was like it should be compared to the salescontract. After that we finished the deal in Århus harbour with the help of contact by the phone to our own banks. After that the banks contacted each other. By the way was it an easy and safe transfer to the salesman.

Today I am a lucky owner of a "Buick Wildcat Custom Convertible" year 1967. There were made 2.913 of these cars, which makes it rare in USA, with the ones that are left.

As I have said, it has been exciting to import my car through "Dream Machines", so I can recommend it to others that have the same idea. You get something for the money you invest by buying a car at "Dream Machines". I did it, because the salesman did alot of work into make my dream come true.

If you want to do the same as I did you are welcome to call. Phonenumber (+45) 86 47 65 19 to hear more about my experience as a customer of "Dream Machines".

Lars Lindgren Pedersen
Tlf. (+45) 86 47 65 19