Hi, my name is Tue, I bought an AMC Javelin SST '71 from Dream-Machines several months ago.
I'm not new to American cars, in fact this is my fourth US car and normally then I wouldn't go to a dealer to get a new car. But then it happened that I accidently stumpled upon this web-site and I became curious about what these dream-machines guys was messing around with. I scanned through the web-site and expected to see all the usual models... Mustangs, Camaros, etc, but then I saw a pretty rare car, the Javelin and it's was not only 'a Javelin' it was with the '71 model (which together with '72 model) is the most sought after model. I remembered having read the stories about the Javelins in the 71 & 72 Trans Am championships where they came out of nowhere, kicked all 'the big 3' totally out of the game and I thought, hey, I could use such a car... rare, different and without any doubt a muscle-car which had proved its worth. So I called Dan, just too hear some details about the car (without appearing to be too interested) and I was in for a surprise... I expected to hear all sorts of amazing stuff about the car, but instead I was forced to listen to a long list of things which had to be fixed on the car. I was pretty surprised, as he didn't seem to be the best salesman I've ever met. Anyway, I chewed a bit on everything and I got Dan to send me some additional pictures of the Car. Again, I got a bit surprised, because what I received wasn't exactly 'show-photos' it was more like pictures of things you didn't want to see. Close-ups of things that was broken and stuff like that. I then talked some more with Dan and I decided that it was time that I took the trip to Varde (the car was in Denmark already) to see the car with my own eyes. So I went to Jutland, saw the car (it looked better than on the photos) and drove it around a bit. I then tried to haggle with the price, but failed miserably. Well, I decided that I wanted that car so I ended up paying exactly what he demanded. Okay, the papers got signed and I chose to drive the car home that same day. On my way home I had a bit of an 'accident' with one of the coolant hoses, but I got it sorted out and made it home without further trouble.

The car is still running strong today... Yes, there's still many things that still needs to be fixed (always will be, that's how those cars work), but Dan is the kind of guy that doesn't forget his customers once he has finished the deal. He has been (and no doubt will continue to be) an excellent source of advice and especially a good source in getting you parts, because he will help you dig up those rare parts that you'll need in order to make your car as perfect as you want it to be.

Will I recommend Dream-Machines?... Yes, I will... Especially if you the kind of guy who want cars which is a bit more 'exotic' then the usual Mustang/Camaro deal and if you value honesty and a fair deal.