(English translation from German)

When in march 2000 I finally decided to make my american dream, which was to buy a 1958 Oldsmobile, come true. I didn?t really know how to manage it. Where should I buy one?
First I thought about going to the States and look for one on my own. (what a fatal thought!). Then I looked through a whole lot of magazines –but all rubbish. At last I decided to get one from a dealer –but which one?
After some time of searching I found Dream machines in Denmark on the internet. They had a good reputation, existing for 4 years without any negative complaints. Moreover it?s easy to get there and the company stands under european law.
I had a long conversation with Dan, the owner of the company who only speaks English, which proved to be very informative For the first time I was asked what I exactly wanted and what my budget looked like, then it was Dream-Machines who went on search. I didn?t have to wait very long before I was offered a car fitting my budget and my expectations. I was also told about the obvious defects which made me suspicious at first. As said I bought the car as described. The defects were fixed pretty cheap in the States by order of Dream Machines. After that I only had to be patient because the car didn?t make it?s way to Denmark until the container was filled.I was very excited to get a first look at it although I had received a bunch of pictures. The car was even better as described and shown in the pictures, it was great. And to top that I was told that it would run like new and in fact it did (even better). It had a new radiator, new tires and oil. That was it, I turned the key, there was no shaking, ratteling, no hesitating, just running SMOOTH ! So I cruised home 750km- awesome!
I can only recommend Dream-Machines!
Thanks to my good experiences and the fact that I do speak a bit of english there was almost built a kind of a cooperation that means I do offer myself as german-american representative.
Gladly I also tell about my other experiences with American cars. I for my part am 100% convinced and enthusiastic about Dream-Machines!
You can contact me under: VauKa001@aol.com
Greetings to everybody with fuel in their veins!